Blue Tankini with shorts

There is something about a navy blue tankini with shorts that just says class and elegance. That is why we see its deep tones featured in luxury swim collections across the world. It’s smart, it’s chic and dare I say the sophisticated and attractive friend of the colour black.  



Tankini tops 


Tankini tops are a popular swimwear option and come in many styles and colours. There are printed style tankinis and then there are plain coloured ones. If you are looking for a chic and flattering blue tankini, perhaps our navy option may be just what you had in mind. Without a doubt it is a complimentary colour on a variety of skin tones and always looks distinguished.


With briefs or with shorts?


Of course as you may already know the majority of tankinis are sold with briefs or extremely tiny shorts which could arguably be briefs. And although that may suit some, for us it is just not our style. That is why when designing our modest swimwear collection it was important for us to pair shorts instead of briefs with our tankini top. Our whole collection is focused on balancing beautiful shorts with beautiful tops. And if you are reading this article perhaps you feel the same way.


As a modest fashion designer, for me briefs are just a little too revealing, whereas shorts are somewhat more conservative. However the length of the shorts is also important. Throughout my swimwear journey as a designer I wanted to find the ideal length. Shorts that were not too short but neither too long. I have tried several swim shorts over the years and believe I have found the perfect length for the modern modest woman. Throughout our research process we’ve discovered that shorts, when cut at the right length can really create a beautiful aesthetic. And maintain the essence of the feminine silhouette. 


Where to buy a blue tankini with shorts?


So if you have searched the internet for a beautiful blue tankini with shorts and you have landed on my site, I believe you are in the right place. Take a look at our swimwear collection here at and see if we could be a good fit for you. When it comes to tankinis we genuinely make it a priority to create both quality tops and shorts that will compliment women and last. We believe swimwear is an investment, and a statement timeless tankini is a valuable asset in any beach lover’s wardrobe. And remember wherever you are in the world, and whatever beach you frequent your swimwear style speaks volumes even if you don’t know the language. What do you want yours to say? We like the words beautiful and respectable. 


Enjoy shopping! And feel free to tag us @modestypanels in your swimwear so we can feature you. 


Leah – Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels