Cleavage Cover


When looking for something to cover up the cleavage area many have searched for something called a cleavage cover. This search will usually bring up various bralettes, lace bandeaus and hopefully what we call modesty panels. A modesty panel is just that, a cleavage cover. They are designed specifically to cover the cleavage area in low cut clothing and look like a vest.


Have you ever worn one of your favourite dresses and wondered how you could make or find some kind of cleavage cover to add a touch of modesty? Well your in the right place. You don’t have to throw that dress out just yet!


Many of us have only known about the option of wearing a camisole underneath our low cut clothing. And now hearing the idea that there could be an easier solution to this problem were all ears! Here at we have made the perfect solution to all your low cut clothing, from wrap dresses to v neck jumpsuits and ball gowns.  As many items of clothing are often low cut, we have made it our mission to create these faux camisoles to cover the cleavage area. And we have made them for women just like you!


Where to buy the perfect cleavage cover?


Our modesty panels come in a range of colours and styles designed intentionally to compliment your existing wardrobe. Although we sell both plain and lace trimmed panels we have found that our plain range is the most popular. When looking for modesty panels before creating my own I noticed that full lace options were the most prevalent on the market however they did not match many of my outfits. I also found them a bit too see through for my taste too.


Our plain panels are elegant and made of quality fabric and suit every outfit. They attach easily to your bra with elastics and buttons on the rear of the panel. I can also say they are perfect for keeping you cool too in warmer months. So no more worries about wearing a vest underneath that low cut dress, try a modesty panel instead.


You can find us at we are based in the UK but also ship internationally.


God bless


Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels