High Neck Tankini

A high neck tankini is a perfect option for the more cleavage conscious lady. As many of you may know through experience most tankinis are designed to reveal the cleavage area. And while that may be a style choice for some, there are some of us who prefer a little more coverage. 


Through experience of wearing various swimwear over the years I know how frustrating it can be at times trying to find what we call ‘semi covered’ swimwear. It’s for those of us who are in the middle. We’re looking for swimwear that is not quite as covering as fully modest swimwear but equally not as revealing as the average tankini.  


That is why our brand specifically chose to design a high neck tankini set. We know that many women struggle to find stylish tankinis with higher necklines so we designed our own. All our swimwear options have high necklines! We too were tired of only finding revealing tankinis. Or tankinis that came with tiny knickers or shorts that were also quite revealing. So we took some classic swimwear styles, that we all love and added higher necklines to them and voila. Thats right we are a swimwear brand that cares about covering your cleavage.  


In case you haven’t heard of us our brand is 100% focused and committed to creating all of our favourite styles in fashion but with higher necklines. From our clothing, to our best selling modesty panels all the way to our swimwear! We are what we’ve coined a cleavage “conscious” clothing brand! 


Where to buy a high neck tankini? 


So if it is a high neck tankini with bust support you are looking for you are in the right place. At sweetpeaandmarmalade.com we have a range of tankini sets that may be just perfect for you. All handmade in the United Kingdom. And designed specifically with women like you in mind. 


Come and visit us at sweetpeaandmarmalade.com we could just be your new favourite brand.


God bless


Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels