High Waisted Swim Shorts


Are you looking for decent high waisted swim shorts? We hear you! It’s summer and the bikini bottom is just not quite the look you’re going for. That’s cool. For us we’re all about pairing high waisted swim shorts with our tankini tops. 



We find there is something quite classy about a high waisted swim short. Not to mention how it naturally gives the added layer of tummy control. Our High waisted swim shorts are paired with our stylish tankini tops and really gives a sense of sophistication.


So I am not sure if you have heard of the “semi-covered” club? But our shorts are perfect for anyone in that group (including me) . And that’s because they are not too short and neither too long. They are perfectly in the middle. Purposely designed to ensure all private areas are fully covered. So whether you are bending over to build sandcastles with the kids or practicing that cartwheel with your girlfriends, we’ve got you. Not to mention the hidden benefits of not needing to wax or epilate before heading to the beach. With these beautiful high waisted shorts that won’t be necessary. 


We’ve also added an extra layer of lining at the front of the shorts to give an element of modesty. Most shorts don’t add lining but for us it’s quite important especially in our lighter colours! 


Buy High waisted Swim Shorts in the UK


All of our swimwear is handmade here in the UK with love and attention to detail. This is perfect for our UK customers especially when it comes to postage. We use quality Italian fabric too which just adds another element of class and elegance. We don’t have any cheap throw me away overnight tankinis here! And if you are through with fast fashion like we are perhaps we are the right brand for you. 


So if you are interested in some quality high waisted swim shorts and tankini tops Look no further. Check us out at sweetpeaandmarmalade.com I am sure we may have what you are looking for. 


God bless


Leah Levin-Martins 

CEO & Founder of Modesty Panels