How do you cover your cleavage in a wrap dress?

Oh the classic, ever opening, cleavage showing wrap dress. Beautiful and stylish yet frustrating practically speaking. You know exactly what I mean. Let’s take a few moments to answer the question “how do you cover your cleavage in a wrap dress?” 

Allow me to take you back to the beginning and really set the scene. You walk into a shop, perhaps you had planned to go clothes shopping, perhaps you hadn’t, but you have disposable income so why not treat yourself? You see a pretty wrap dress beautifully draped on the mannequin, without a second thought your filing through a rail of dresses to find your size. You’ve found it, you scan the store until you lock eyes with the sign that says changing room. You try it on and you just love it. Sure your cleavage shows a little in the changing room but you pull it here a little, there a little and your convinced. This is the one. After all you want to look your best at the garden party.

You head to the till to purchase it. You look at it again while the cashier folds it neatly and places it into a bag. In those few seemingly empty seconds you’ve subconsciously convinced yourself you can find a way to make it more modest when you get home if you need to. But of course it should be fine.  

Wearing the new dress

So the day arrives you put on your new dress and off you go. But you find when you move the wrap part of the dress keeps opening slightly wider than you remember it doing on the mannequin, or on yourself in the store. Perhaps you should just not move as much you tell yourself, which we all know is frustrating but equally a small price to pay if it means looking good. But you slowly start to realise that is easier said than done. The truth is the difference between a dress looking good on a mannequin and on you is that the mannequin doesn’t move and let’s face it neither do her boobs. Also how much real movement were you doing in the changing room. Sometimes we need to think practically as well as aesthetically with our purchases, but I digress.

What happens next?

As the day goes on you soon realise that there is a significant amount of time spent not only enjoying the garden party but also concerned about how much cleavage is possibly showing. You spend more time adjusting the wrap dress and pulling it over your bust than you do enjoying the entrees. And dare I say you won’t be the one to bend over and pour the drinks to those sitting on the garden chairs or everything will fall out. The day is over and you’ve concluded you still like the dress but there is no way you are wearing that next time without some kind of alteration.

So what do you do to cover your cleavage in a wrap dress?

Naturally you try safety pins or even asking friends or family if they could add a few stitches in to stop you being immodest when you wear it. And of course the classic you dare to try a vest underneath but it just doesn’t quite sit right. But after all what else can you do?

Friend, you have come to the right page! Have you heard about modesty panels? If you haven’t then let me explain. They are basically pieces of specially cut fabric designed to cover your cleavage area in low cut dresses and most importantly in a wrap dress. Literally they are a perfect fashion solution and for me a total wardrobe staple. They easily attach to your bra and essentially act as faux camisole. They also come in various colours and styles. 


Hallelujah you don’t have to get rid of your wrap dress or overheat by adding another layer of clothing underneath. Simply add a modesty panel to your wardrobe and problem resolved. Check out some of our beautiful modesty panels to help you with that wrap dress here at

You can thank me later.  

God bless

Leah Levin-Martins

Founder CEO of Modesty Panels