How do you make a low cut dress more modest?

Responding to this question is exactly why I began this business. How do you make a low cut dress more modest? Keep reading and you will discover my easy solution. 


If you’re anything like me you enjoy wearing lovely dresses. But you also would have noticed more often than not when out shopping for a beautiful dress, most of them if not all, are too low cut. 


When I first began my modesty journey this was the first question that came to mind as I stood in front of my wardrobe looking at all my dresses. They were all low cut. And since I no longer wanted to show my cleavage I needed to find a modest solution. I loved my dresses and I was not prepared to get rid of them and replace them with modest ones. Instead I wanted to keep them. I’m sure like you there are some dresses that just suit you and you would do whatever it takes to ensure you can still wear them. 


What did I do?


Naturally I did what everyone else would do. I bought some plain vest tops and started to wear them underneath or I found a blouse and would put that underneath. But eventually I found that these extra layers were adding too much bulk and making me too hot. And in truth it really did take away from the dress. Quite quickly I became very frustrated and concluded that modesty was going to be a challenge. 


Until my mum told me she had come across something called a modesty panel that you can attach to your bra and they act as a vest. I quickly ordered some online. I felt so excited but then when they arrived they resembled cheap shiny squares that really took away from the beauty of my dress. They also were quite small and really designed for a size 6-8. I was so disappointed. I remember I bought a pack of three and the first one I took out of the packet, the part that should attach to my bra came undone. It seems they were poorly made in a factory in China, not what I was wanting. To be fair they were cheap. I didn’t pay much for them so I shouldn’t have been surprised. 


But I needed to do something. I still had the dilemma of how to make a low cut dress more modest. I knew there had to be a way. So I decided to look into ways to make my own version of these modesty panels. However they were not to be tiny, cheap and shiny fall apart type. A classy type. A UK standards type. 


Making my own and selling them 


After several attempts and experiments with fabric and styles I finally found a template that worked. My mum then suggested I make some more and sell them. She said they were really good. I agreed to try and sell some but honestly thought no one else would need anything like this. Deep down I had assumed most women were fully settled with the fact that most dresses are low cut. I thought most women don’t mind showing cleavage. That it was just me, that perhaps I’m just an alien. But to my surprise there were many more women like me who wanted the option to cover their cleavage in an easy and stylish way.


So I began making and selling panels on Ebay and still do to this day. The customer feedback only ensured me that they were helpful and encouraged me to keep making them. I now have an online store dedicated specifically to modesty panels and soon modest swimwear if you’re interested.  The picture below shows one of my favourite dresses purchased from hell bunny and how it looks now with my modesty panel.. Just perfect!

Conclusion buy a modesty panel!


In conclusion then to the question how do you make a low cut dress more modest? Quite simply you buy a beautiful modesty panel and attach it to your bra. Voila, your low cut dress just got modest. Don’t forget to visit my website for more information and modesty panels in general


Comment below if you enjoy the ease of modesty panels. I genuinely wear mine all the time. 


Thanks for reading and God bless.


Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panel