How do you put a modesty panel on a wedding dress?

Is it just me or has anyone else looked into making a wedding dress more modest? So how do you put a modesty panel on a wedding dress?

Of course there are many gorgeous wedding dresses to choose from these days and there are now more modest wedding dresses on sale. Naturally I am a fan of modest wedding dresses. I am also so grateful to find there are designers and companies out there like Elizabeth Cooper and Latter day bride. However, sometimes the dress you have already purchased or want to buy is not as modest as you would like it to be. But I understand a simple adjustment would make it just perfect. 

What to do?

So what can you do? Well you have a few options. Of course you could buy some fabric and pay a seamstress sew it on to provide adequate coverage. Or you could try to sew it on yourself? But I don’t recommend doing that to your wedding dress unless you know what you are doing. Sewing is not for everyone. I also must say even if you choose this option bear in mind it’s not always easy to find the right fabric, I am speaking from experience. Another option would be to wear a vest underneath, although I wouldn’t recommend this personally. Vests can be too bulky and again finding the right vest is a mission on its own. And lets face it you didn’t buy a wedding dress to wear a vest underneath.

The best option!

So what options are left? The simple answer is a modesty panel. This would be my preferred option. But in case you don’t know what they are, a modesty panel is a piece of fabric that attaches to your bra and covers your cleavage area. They are very helpful particularly for low cut bridal dresses. Not too mention all the low cut bridesmaids dresses, a simple ivory or white panel can compliment any bridal party. They also double up as a great gift to be used again. I’ve also discovered that modesty panels also work for mothers of the bride dresses too. For some reason the navy is a favourite in this category.

So whether you are looking for lace styles or perhaps plain to add the modest touch, there are options for you. Hallelujah!  However please don’t just rush off and purchase any modesty panel kindly note not all are good quality. Again speaking from experience. The last thing you want is poor quality on your wedding day. But of course browse around and choose the right one for you according to the style of your dress and bridal party. I also have found from customer feedback that a plain panel could be better especially if your dress is already lacey. But they are versatile enough to mix and match. So why not try some? It could actually look really lovely. 


So in conclusion how do you put a modesty panel on a wedding dress? In simple terms you buy one and you attach it to your bra., and voila. Here at modesty panels we have a selection of handmade modesty panels that could be used on your special day. They are cut with quality soft touch fabric and the best quality lace. Panels can attach easily to your bra with buttons and elastics or if you’re feeling creative could even be sewn onto any low cut dress. Visit our product page for more ideas

God bless you on your special day! 


Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels