Lyra Swimwear


Lyra swimwear is a UK based company selling modest swimwear. It was actually one of the first sites I found when I began looking for modest swimwear. I really enjoyed the fact that other women were interested in creating swimwear that was not only modest but stylish.


However as much as I loved the colours and designs the coverage was just a bit too much for my preference and although I had the items in my basket I just couldn’t go through to the checkout. 


Throughout my modest journey I have tried various versions of modest swimwear and Lyra swimwear was almost one of them. There was even the time when I brought a full on wetsuit hehe! I can say in hindsight that was not completely necessary but I tried it nonetheless. It was around this time that I wanted to try Lyra swim. But in the end it just had a tad too much coverage for me. So after exhausting my own mix and match modest swimwear attempts I decided to make my own. From scratch! I had never done it before but I now had more of a clear idea of what I wanted.


Check out my Instagram @sweetpeaandmarmalade if you would like to see my first attempt at making swimwear. So after a few attempts and learning curves I completed a set. To my delight it was actually success and others liked what I had made too. Some even asked if I could make them one! 


About our Swimwear


It was then that I decided to launch my first modest swimwear collection with a UK manufacturer. Even though I was new to the industry I really wanted to provide swimwear for other women, who like me found themselves in the “Semi Covered Club”. So those who are not quite Bikini but not quite Burkini either. 


It was such a great experience to be able to create a swimwear collection that customers love. And for myself to have something to wear at the beach that was pretty but also covering the right places. Here at Sweetpea and Marmalade our collection of modest tankini sets promise to cover but remain stylish. The reason why we call them modest tankinis is because unlike the majority of tankinis our swimwear promises to always cover the cleavage, midrff and butt cheeks. We found that for our customers these were the areas they wanted covered as a priority.


Some customers we discovered were even using our best selling Modesty Panels and sewing them onto tankini tops to fulfil this very purpose of extra coverage. Which also contributed to pur no cleavage showing designs. Our tankini sets are always paired with shorts but not tiny ones that feel like briefs but also not long ones either. Again do take a look at our Instagram account to see more about our swimwear. 


Shop Swimwear from Sweetpea & Marmalade instead of Lyra Swimwear


All that said the proof is in the pudding. If you are looking for high quality modest swimwear that is close to but not quite Lyra swimwear then shop with us. Our swimwear is perfect for the semi covered lover.


All sets are cut in quality Italian fabric and silky buttery soft to touch too. Our Tankini tops are constructed with beautiful inner shelf bras for added support. So come and see for yourself why we are thriving in this modest swimwear market this Summer! You will not be disappointed! 





Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Sweetpea & Marmalade