Modest Swimwear for Women

This Summer look no further for modest swimwear for women than here at Sweetpea & Marmalade. We say that with confidence because our speciality is modest swimwear for women. Made by modest women for modest women. 


Here at Sweetpea & Marmalade all of our Tankini sets are not only cut with the best Italian fabric but promise to cover three important areas. And the rest, in our opinion is free to tan, hehe. For us and our customers we have found that there are 3 priority areas we always want to cover when on the beach or at the pool. It is with that information that our Tankini sets were designed. 


These 3 areas in order of priority are;


The cleavage/ side boob.


We understand and relate to the struggle that our customers face, that most Tankini sets have been designed to reveal the cleavage area. And we know that many of us don’t always want to show this area, if ever. Especially those of us in the “semi-covered” club.  In light of this we really wanted to have a range that was feminine but that covered the cleavage area as a priority, not as an afterthought. A tankini set that intentionally covered the cleavage is what we wanted. This particular desire to cover the cleavage area is at the heart of our fashion label and seen in all of our swimwear and clothing. But it is not jut the cleavage we wanted to cover. We also wanted to ensure that there was also no side boob on show either in any of our swimwear, particularly in our classic halter. 


The upper/ inner thigh (so no swim knickers here).


As with most tankini sets if they are not already paired with little briefs than they come with tiny shorts. For myself and our customers these tiny shorts that reveal more than you would like when you cross your legs were just a tad too short for us modest ladies. Yet the extra-long shorts on offer when searching online were not quite where we wanted to go either. That is why we have our mid length “classic short length” shorts with all our sets. We want you to be able to bend over, cross your legs and cartwheel without fear of showing any private areas. 


The midriff area.


And lastly the Midriff area. We have often found that crop tops or shorter tops are common when searching for modest swimwear. Although they are admittedly more modest than a bikini top, for us here at Sweetpea & Marmalade they don’t quite reach our modest requirements. Quite simply we just would like our midriff covered and it is important to us. 


Purchase modest swimwear for women?


So if it is modest quality swimwear for women you are looking for this Summer, you must check us out right here at Simply click on our product pages.  


We are really proud to be a British brand representing the modern modest woman right here in the UK. We are excited to have put our stamp on the swimwear market in this season. Although we are based in the UK we do have an existing international customer base too! Check our international shipping page for more information. 


We hope you will join our ‘semi-covered club’ and enjoy wearing our modest swimwear and clothing.



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Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Sweetpea & Marmalade