Modest Swimwear UK


If you are searching online for modest swimwear UK then look no further. Our tankini style tops and bottoms are designed with modesty at the very core. Based right here in the heart of London, England we have worked to ensure all our pieces meet the following criteria, no cleavage on show, no midriff and of course no bikini lines or intimate parts showing. Ever! We have taken care to ensure our style reflects the more modern modest woman. 



Our modest swimwear UK style


As a designer I always want to create beautiful tankinis that as a priority cover the cleavage area. I suppose that is just my niche. My modest style developed over the years as I struggled to find swimwear tops that were pretty but also modest. I often found beautiful tankinis but then when I tried them on, quickly noticed that the cleavage was a focal point. Which is not really my style. I began to wonder if I could find a tankini top that was pretty but also with a neckline high enough to meet my modest style. Sure there were some options, but they were limited and often felt like an afterthought for some manufacturers. More of a “just in case there is anyone out there who wants a modest swimwear top”. The fabrics were also lacking in my opinion and the overall quality.

I suppose I wanted to create a collection for whom modesty is a priority not an afterthought. Where beautiful fabrics are dedicated to modest designs, intentionally purposed for modest swimwear.   


Our tankini tops


We have launched our collection of tankini tops and have tried to find shapes and silhouettes that we find flattering, elegant and of course modest. We have also included shelf bras (with removable cups) on the inside to give shape and support. And finished all our tankinis with delicate lining and darts in the bust area to give extra shape and femininity. Although they are more modest than most we have also allowed room to still tan unlike other modest swimwear that is perhaps too covering for my kind of customer. 


Our modest swimwear UK shorts


We have made it a priority to have shorts that are not too short nor too long. It was important to get that perfect length that allows a woman to bend over, run, jump, swim, cross her legs without ever showing a bum cheek or anything else that is usually kept private. Unlike most shorts often sold with a tankini top ours needed to be just that bit longer. As I have found over the years most shorts are just too short and always require much waxing! I suppose I also wanted to free my customers of this burden. 


Quality fabric


The fabric of both the tankini top and bottoms are made with a beautiful soft but strong high quality swim fabric and skilfully manufactured right here in the UK (see our product spec for more info). 


So let’s swim and enjoy our modesty!


If you are looking for modest swimwear that is classy, elegant and sophisticated then you have found it! Take a look at our online store and invest in some swimwear that was made specifically with you in mind. As I always say when travelling around the world, although we may not speak the same language, our swimwear speaks volumes when on the beach. What do you want yours to say? We want ours to say “beautiful” and “respectable”. 


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Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO  of Modesty Panels