Modest Tankini with Shorts


If you are on this page it’s probably Spring and you’re wondering where you can buy a stylish but modest Tankini with shorts ready for Summer. Am I right? If yes, welcome friends, you are in the right place! And I am so glad you are here!



We all know that Tankinis have been said to be more modest than the infamous bikini. However for some of us those cleavage revealing Tankinis are still just not modest enough for our preferences. Equally the knicker or tiny short options that are paired with them are lacking in coverage for our personal taste. Of course, I want to look beautiful and modest on the beach but perhaps like you, I’ve struggled to find pretty swimwear that meets my personal idea of modesty. I suppose when it comes to modesty you could say I am somewhere in the middle. Not too covered but not too revealing either.  Check out my online store to see where I’m coming from. I have a feeling you will be on the same page!


My idea of a modest Tankini


As a designer it was so important for me to design our Tankinis to not only look beautiful but most importantly to have enough modesty for those who are in the “middle”. My personal priority is always to cover the cleavage area. That’s why all of our tops focus on cleavage covering necklines. In fact that is our specialty covering the cleavage area, not only in swimwear but in all of our clothing. As for swim bottoms, shorts are hands down my preference, they are cute and modest. All my shorts are designed to be long enough to fully cover the crotch area, upper inner thigh and of course our lovely bum cheeks . You could say that’s our speciality and focus. and not only for our swimwear but with all our clothing . For me when all of these priorities are combined with a lovely quality fabric, then and only then do we have a beautiful modest tankini. 


As modesty is also important for us we include an extra layer of lining in our shorts to ensure that all private areas are fully covered. We also construct them with a gusset to ensure comfort but shape too. I find shorts without a gusset can often have the habit of riding up and drawing more attention to the private area. Our Tankini tops also come with premium cups to not only ensure shape and support but to help prevent any nipples from showing through. Just another facet of modesty that is important to us here. 


Where to buy modest Tankinis


So if you are looking for a beautiful modest Tankini with shorts look no further! Come and visit our online store, we really have made these with customers like you in mind! Come and experience the pure joy of wearing something beautiful and modest to the beach this Summer! The fabrics are buttery soft and the shapes are extremely elegant and flattering. We have lovely colours and floral prints that are so dreamy. So take a look and find the right one for you. Then find a beautiful location to test it out! I am sure you will be glad you did! 




With love!


Leah Levin-Martins 

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels