Modesty panel for dress

If you’re a relatively modest dresser then I am sure you have used google to search for a modesty panel for a dress. Something that is easy to use and provides adequate coverage right? Equally if you have any low cut clothing and only just begun the journey of looking for ways to cover your cleavage area, and just heard about the concept of modesty panels then you have come to the right page. 


As many of us know, sometimes the neckline of our favourite dress is just too low but we still want to wear the dress. I completely understand! Or perhaps our shirt for work looks a little better with a few buttons undone but equally would be too much layering if we added a vest underneath? That was the dilemma I faced regularly until I discovered modesty panels. 


So what is a modesty panel? 


Quite simply modesty panels serve to provide coverage to the cleavage area when wearing low cut clothing. They usually attach to your bra either with poppers, hook and eye fastenings or buttons and elastics. They have existed for many years and many a modest woman have added them to their wardrobe staples.

However styles and sizes do vary as I have discovered and quality can often be an issue.

In a nutshell that is why I began making and selling them myself. I found that the current modesty panels on the market were not looking right underneath my low cut clothing. Particularly underneath a dress and it was really a decent modesty panel for a dress that I wanted. It is hard to find something pretty to cover your cleavage area that will compliment your dress not take away from it. If that sounds like the sort of modesty pane you are looking for than keep reading!   


Where to purchase one? is my online store based in the UK selling all things modesty but specialising in modesty panels. I am slightly obsessed with modesty panels. These modesty panels are designed specifically to be worn underneath your favourite low cut dress to provide adequate coverage. Dare I say significantly more coverage than others on the market. They are also very pretty and well made, designed with the beautiful dress in mind. We also stock a variety of colours which allows you to have several looks as they are easily attachable to your bra. So you are free to switch it up as you like.  


Final thoughts 


Ladies there is an easy solution to cover your cleavage area and add a touch of modesty to your wardrobe. I can only hope you will enjoy using them as much as I do. There is nothing more handy in my wardrobe than these lovely little modesty panels. The practicality of using these is priceless.

If you would like to keep in touch or follow my modest journey I am on instagram @modestypanels.


God bless.


Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels est 2020