M&S Changed Christmas to Thismas


It’s that time of year where big brands release their holiday campaigns to get us all in the shopping mood. But this year M&S changed Christmas to Thismas. Did anyone else pick up on that? 




The advert


It was the 1st of November, and I was sat on my sofa watching the new Christmas ad for M&S and I must admit I found it quite interesting.

It began with some well known faces carrying out traditional holiday activities such as decorating a gingerbread house, playing boardgames and wearing party hats. All seemed quite normal on the surface. The theme music for the Christmas inspired ad was Meatloaf’s well known ‘I would do anything for love’ yet when he sings the line ‘but I wont do that’ the advert takes a turn down an unexpected road. We then see the characters almost rebelling against the traditional holiday activities, one throws a board game into a fish tank another burns some party hats. And lastly a woman decides to bat the ‘elf on the shelf’ doll off the roof too. I must admit it definitely kept my attention and it was different to their usual approach. It seems this year M&S are saying don’t do the things you don’t like this Christmas. Just do the things you love.

And although I can understand the angle they wanted to take this advert was not well received. 



Public opinion


 I was surprised to see after the release of the ad that many across the UK were displeased with the advert for several reasons. A backlash I am sure M& S were not anticipating. Many instagrammers online said they will never shop at M&S again. Some even commented that burning Christmas hats invoked violence and terrorist like activities! Particular reference was also given to the current Israeli-Palestinian war! It seemed that the Christmas hats being burnt were the same colours as the Palestinian flag. That’s not what you want to hear about your ad as a brand just before Christmas. 



M&S changed Christmas to Thismas


However, my personal disappointment with the advert was not for the same reasons as the thousands who complained on Instagram, causing M&S to issue an apology. My concern falls into another category completely. One that didn’t receive an apology. One of faith, one that perhaps some of you can resonate with. And although I understand the meaning behind the marketing campaign and the sentiment, I was just saddened to see the word ‘Thismas’. I couldn’t quite believe M&S changed Christmas to Thismas. 

It was like I felt a small heartbreak as I saw quite simply another attempt to remove Christianity from this holiday. By using a word like ‘Thismas’ so publicly and on such a mainstream platform it feels only a matter of time before the word Christmas is etched out of the dictionary and out of our society completely. 

As a Christian I have found more and more every year that Christ is being removed from Christmas, and Easter too slowly but surely. It seems our society is attempting to erase the Christian values this lovely nation was built on. And despite the various debates among Christians regarding the actual birthdate of Christ and whether we should put up a tree or not, the general consensus is Christmas is a Christian holiday.



Jesus is the Reason for the Season


It is a season for the Christian faith to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A time to focus on His incarnation and introduction to humanity as the saviour of the world. A time to remember why He came and that He is Emmanuel God with us. Of course, all the lovely gift giving and time with family, friends and yummy food is great too, but that is not the focus. Jesus is the reason for the season. Even gift giving is based on God giving His best gift to us, His beloved son. And Santa who is known as the biggest gift giver today was actually based on saint Nicholas a believer with Christian values such as giving to the poor. 



Choose a brand who calls Christmas, Christmas


However, if you have read up to this point I am sure you see where I am coming from. And perhaps this is just a sign of the times. I doubt M&S will issue an apology to the Christian community but I felt I should say something and who knows they may in time. I also am reassured knowing I am not alone regarding this topic.


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Leah Levin-Martins 

Founder & CEO Sweetpea & Marmalade