M&S Modest Swimwear 


As the modest clothing market is growing we are searching for clothing & swimwear from our favourite retailers. Like some of you, I too searched for M&S modest swimwear however felt it was not quite exactly what I was looking for. 



M&S are known for clothing that is relatively modest in comparison to many other high street retailers where dresses are perhaps too short and tops are a little too low cut for our preference.  So naturally when it comes to swimwear we are more than likely to look at those retailers first. I know I used to. 


Yet as modest fashion and particularly swimwear is growing, a lot of shoppers are looking more at modest swimwear brands here in the UK and are wanting to find more intentionally modest and distinct pieces. Pieces from designers with modesty at the forefront of their designs not as an afterthought. Especially swimwear that includes some internal support and not some flimsy bra cups that have no hold.  And even though there is an M&S modest swimwear section it seems to be a smaller addition, as in honesty it is not their priority. And that is ok.


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Here at Sweetpea and Marmalade, modesty however is our priority. We are a British modest Swimwear and clothing label offering our customers 4 promises with all of our swimwear collections. 



Promise no 1.  All our pieces are designed to cover the cleavage area. Most tankinis are designed to reveal the cleavage area. However for myself and our customer this is the priority area we would like covered. Many of us have struggled to find tankinis where this is covered and still looks stylish. We can also ensure there will be no side boob on show either, particularly with our popular halter neck Tankini set. 


Promise no. 2. Every set comes with beautiful shorts, cut at just the right length. Not too long and not too short, perfect for those in the ‘semi covered club’. Unlike other Tankini sets that are often paired with knickers or tiny shorts we wanted something that was just right for the level of coverage our customers desire. We wanted a short where if you were bending over or working out before a swim on the beach, no private parts or butt cheeks would be revealed.


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Promise no. 3. We have Tankini tops that cover the midriff area. Throughout our searches, we found that a lot of modest swimwear sets design crop tops or long sleeved tops, and we wanted something in between. Although these are sweet and considerate contributions to the modest swimwear market for some of us we just want a little more fabric. I suppose we would prefer to take the fabric from the sleeves and add it to the midriff. 


Lastly promise no. 4. Lastly and most importantly. All our Tankini sets are designed to be stylish and elegant covering only the essential areas. We wanted to leave the rest of the body to catch a glorious tan. We promise beauty and quality. All pieces are handmade in the UK and cut in luxury Italian fabric. This fabric also offers not only comfort but muscular compression for extra shape and support. 


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So if these promises sound good to you and you would like quality swimwear designed by someone who has tried a lot of modest swimwear, then come and visit us. Simply click on our product page and see our whole range of modest swimwear. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 


Lades, feel so confident this Summer to enjoy the pool and the beach knowing we’ve got you covered.  




Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Sweetpea & Marmalade