Plain Modesty Panel

As a modest fashion designer I enjoy the concept of modesty panels, however I often find that plain modesty panels are not as easy to find compared to lace ones. Well at least until now…. Read on if you want to find a great online store for modesty panels.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the idea behind the lace panels, I think they are pretty and elegant and they have helped many a low cut dress. However I also think the idea that a modesty panel is only needed for that special occasion dress is possibly outdated. Although I have nothing against lace, I feel we have moved into a more modern time of modest fashion. It seems we’re looking for more options, plain being one of them.


When I first began designing modesty panels I used various printed fabrics. I thought it would be a fun and colourful way to cover the cleavage area. However I very quickly noticed that my colourful, fun printed panels were not actually selling. it appeared customers were more in favour of my plain ones. 


At first I wondered why, as I had taken good photos showing how the colourful panels could be worn etc. I thought they would fly off the shelves, but they did not. Not even the lilac gingham to my surprise. I love gingham. 


This was a learning opportunity for sure. What this showed me was that many woman are already wearing a printed dress or blouse that is low cut so they needed a plain modesty panel to wear under it. Not a patterned one. But it also showed me just how much easier it is to wear a plain modesty panel with every outfit, as opposed to a printed one. Really and truly they were wanting a staple piece essentially. The little black dress, that classic white shirt and now the perfect plain modesty panel. All I can say is lesson learnt. And that my mum’s patchwork blanket really benefited from all the leftover printed fabric hehe. 


Of course if you are one of those women I can assure you, you have come to the right place. Here at Modesty Panels we have a range of quality, easy to use plain modesty panels for you to choose from. Some even with lace trim if your feeling extra glam. We have worked hard to develop a beautiful panel that will provide slightly more coverage than others on the market. We also try to use quality fabric to compliment your existing wardrobe, not take away from it.



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I hope you enjoyed my short article.


God bless.




Founder & CEO of Sweetpea & Marmalade