Reasons for Modest Swimwear


It is clear more women are choosing modest swimwear than ever before. And why not? After all, there are so many more modest options available. Read on if you would like to hear our top reasons for modest swimwear and where you can purchase some.



It is true that the bikini, although the most common swimwear option, is for many of us just too revealing and impractical. Most women are also aware that much work is required to be quote “bikini ready” and no longer want to be restricted by this notion. And I am not only talking about body shape but all the other bits and pieces involved. So without further ado lets get into it.


Our 5 top reasons for modest swimwear;


  1. Gives body a break from waxing/epilating/shaving   

Although many of us enjoy beauty treatments at times they can be stressful on our skin. Let’s look at waxing for example. For waxing to be effective you need to allow the hair to grow back to a certain length before you can book another appointment. Which usually means on those days of your holiday you either have to shave or hide away like a hairy monster. Along with those women who get shaving rashes and want to give their skin a breather.


But with modest swimwear, it provides enough coverage for you. You no longer need to worry about revealing tiny unwanted hairs or skin bumps in the bikini area. Instead you can worry about whether you can still do that cartwheel on the sand without injuring yourself. Quite simply finding a modest swimwear set that has thought about all of the above is a yes from me. Freedom from not having to have the perfect bikini line to qualify for a beach day. Spoiler alert, you’re still beautiful even if you’re not in a bikini and perfectly waxed! (Just in case you didn’t know).


  1. Conservative cultural or religious beliefs 


We live in a world full of individuals with an array of beliefs, cultures and moral convictions. This is often another popular reason for choosing modest swimwear. Having these modest options allows for inclusivity and ensures everyone can enjoy the beach or swimming pool in whatever they feel comfortable in. No more limits as long as its swimwear fabric let’s get wet! 


  1. Protects skin from sun 


Essentially there is just more coverage in terms of material on your body so the protection levels are higher. Especially around the decollate which is for women the weakest area of skin and most prone to wrinkling. We have a sophisticated modest halter neck swim top that is perfect for this level of protection right here at 


  1. Its practical  


There are many mums who enjoy taking the children out to the beach but as some of us know caring for children is a task that requires not only mental but physical energy. Whether you are up and down carrying a child to the toilet or picking up more baby wipes from the supermarket near the beach. Or just bending over to build your interpretation of a sandcastle while a child climbs onto your shoulders. Modest swimwear allows for so much movement and activity without compromising certain private areas from being exposed. You simply have more coverage and security.


And even if you are not beaching with kids but with friends or alone for a morning swim, again you will have flexibility with what you can do without risking a fashion faux pas. 


  1. It is empowering  


Just simply being able to have the option to wear a modest option on the beach or in the pool is empowering. And as a bonus it also frees us from comparing and despairing, as we measure ourselves up against other womens’ bodies. Modest swimwear assists us on our journey as women to move away from objectifying ourselves and turning a nice beach day into a competition. 

It is also empowering when decent modest swimwear is available to us. It’s even more helpful when the designers have put some thought into it. Not to mention how empowered you can feel when actually wearing modest swimwear and are noticeably less exposed to everyone. In my opinion it’s quite cool to have some mystery about you when on the beach. 


Where to purchase modest swimwear?


Our swimwear collection at is quite possibly what you are looking for. Our whole focus is on modesty. Revealing character over cleavage is what we do best. We have carefully designed swimwear that always looks cute and elegant without ever showing any cleavage. And shorts that are cut with just enough upper thigh covered so you can relax about unwanted hairs or anything else more private showing! That is how we keep our swimwear modest. That is our priority. Take a look at our product page and see for yourself. 


We know as a rule that whatever we wear speaks volumes, and we want our swimwear to say elegant and respectable. 

So what will you be wearing this Spring/Summer at the beach? Why not try something modest? Especially now you know the top reasons for modest swimwear. I am sure you will be glad to have this addition in your suitcase. Feel the empowerment, the freedom and of course enjoy your holiday! 


Leah Levin-Martins 

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels