Semi Covered Swimwear UK


If you are anything like me you would like a modest swim outfit but have decided fully covered options are a bit too much. So if you are searching for semi covered swimwear UK then you have found the perfect site! We are a proudly British modest swimwear brand, specialising in semi covered swimwear!



We have a range of sophisticated semi covered tankini sets all handmade here in the UK. They are the perfect fit for anyone in the semi covered club! Modesty means many things to many people so perhaps it would help to share where we are at. Our priority when creating a modest swimwear collection is always to have three body parts covered. For us once that is achieved the rest of the body is for tanning hehe! The main parts we like to cover are the cleavage area, the midriff and the butt cheeks.


For many women in the semi covered club the average tankini just does not quite hit the spot. The majority of tankinis are focused on revealing the cleavage area and are usually paired with tiny shorts or briefs. Even those tankini designers who try to add a slightly higher neckline don’t always ensure it is high enough. But here at we have made it our priority and our USP even to ensure the cleavage is covered in not only our swimwear but all our clothing.


Where to buy semi covered swimwear?


Of course if you are on this page it is because you are most likely planning to buy some beautiful swimwear. If you were not sure where to shop before I hope you are now. Check out our product page for yourself and see if we have the type of swimwear that you have been looking for, I have a feeling we just might! Take it from someone who has tried and tested various modest swim outfits at times mixing and matching various pieces. I honestly know how the modest market has not always been the center of attention and how colours and fabrics have lacked in quality. Not to mention how the fully covered swimwear market has at times left little room for a semi covered option. But we are here right on your side offering you truly well thought out modest semi covered swimwear UK.


Check us out at for more details of construction and bust support in our swimwear. For even more info check out our product specifications.


Look forward to seeing you on the beach!


God bless


Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Modesty Panels