Tankini Sets UK

Here at Sweetpea & Marmalade our British swimwear brand is birthed from feeling unsatisfied with the Tankini sets UK currently on offer. Most notably all the low cut ones. That is why all of our Tankini sets promise to cover the cleavage area as a priority. Since we launched, we discovered that for our customers, the cleavage was the number one area that they wanted to cover when wearing swimwear. I too wanted this.


After struggling most Summers, like some of you to find a Tankini set that covered this area as a priority and still look nice I decided to manufacture some. I had found that some of my customers had even purchased our best selling Modesty Panels to sew onto a Tankini set they already had. For them it was an attempt to cover the cleavage area and make a more modest tankini. I had also done this a couple of years ago myself with a low cut tankini I had. It was now even more clear to me that beautiful cleavage covering swimwear was to be my next venture. 


About our swimwear


As we began our swimwear manufacturing journey we discovered that there were three pain points that our customers wanted us to address. Similar to the areas I have also struggled with when it comes to swimwear. The three areas our customers wanted to cover were the cleavage, the midriff and the upper thigh. So shorts were cool but not the teeny weenie ones. But also not the super long ones either! Unlike other modest swimwear that covers the whole body, we still wanted some room for a tan. As long as we had those areas were covered we were pretty much considered beach ready.


Taking all of this into account we began to develop our collection, making sure to include the most wanted shelf bra. A lot of modest swimwear may cover you but they usually don’t include internal bra support. Most modest brands suggest buying a bikini top to go underneath their sets written in small print However with our brand we really wanted everything built in for a more uniform look. It was also important for us to use colours and styles to ensure the Tankini set looks not only modest but beautiful and elegant. Modesty need not mean frumpy!


Fabric choices


Fabric choice was therefore really important. We did not want it to look and feel cheap. Nor did we want it to be weak with no hold. Or the type fabric that is quite see through. But we wanted quality for our Tankini sets UK. This is why all of our sets are cut in high quality Italian fabric complete with muscular compression and comfort. Let’s just say they really hold you in all the right places. You can thank me later for that.

Our fabric is also extremely comfortable, vibrant, resistant to sun cream and oils and has built in UV protection.  Which is perfect when beaching in hotter climates, or if you have sensitive skin. We have a variety of classic colours and prints and honestly they feel so lovely to wear. Unlike most shorts, we went for an added layer of modesty and comfort by delicately lining all of our shorts. Lastly all tankini tops come complete with certified swim cups that provide strength and shape to the bust area. After all we want our Tankinis to create a lovely silhouette. Simply put these Tankini sets are just pure quality.  A real investment piece.


Shop Tankini set UK


Let’s be honest Summer is here and we need beautiful Tankini sets UK as we don’t always have the time to wait for international shipping.  Especially when the beach is calling. I used to look outside of the UK for swimwear too. But it was only becasue I found the U.S.A had more options. But now its right here in the UK, so what are you waiting for?


Ladies, if you are looking for a Tankini set UK why not try one of our collection for yourself to see just how lovely they are. I absolutely love them as do my customers.

So now you know where to find your perfect swimwear collection feel free to enjoy the beach or pool this Summer knowing we’ve got you covered. 



Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO Sweetpea & Marmalade