Tankini with shorts

The Tankini with shorts is perhaps my favourite swimwear option. Providing for me just the right amount of coverage. But kindly note I said Tankini with shorts not knickers. And if you’re reading this article perhaps we are on the same page in more ways than one.


Anne Cole

But this article is not to get into the shorts vs knickers debate that’s for another day. Instead allow me to share some interesting history with you about the wonderful Tankini. Did you know that the Tankini was actually designed in the late 1990’s by a lady called Anne Cole. In 1998 she introduced the Tankini to the world and it was hailed as the first major innovation in women’s swimsuit design over the recent decades.

Why did she design it?

Well Cole actually came from a swimwear background so she was already familiar with the industry. Impressively she first designed her swimsuit top or tankini as a young girl. Go Anne! Her intentions whilst designing the Tankini were to relieve the anxieties some women have regarding swimwear and body image. She wanted to give them an alternative so the beach and swimming could still be enjoyed. And shortly following its introduction to the market other designers began to incorporate it in their collections too. Designers such as Ralph Lauren and Nike. And here we are today. Thanks Anne. 

And I for one am truly grateful for the innovation and production of the Tankini, and appreciate the sentiments behind the original design. I am also grateful that shorts for women were also introduced to wear with the Tankini top. 

New era of the Tankini

However, I also feel we are now in a new era of modesty. But this time not caused by insecurities but instead empowerment to choose modesty. No longer is modesty an option solely to hide the parts of our body we don’t like or because we are not considered bikini ready. But because even if we are bikini ready the choice to remain modest is empowering. We have been taught throughout recent years that if you have it flaunt it, but I say it’s more beautiful to choose modesty even if you do have the body as it were to flaunt. In a nutshell for me the idea that Tankini’s are for women who want to hide that they don’t have washboard abs or perfect skin, and whatever other body image issue you can name is no longer the case. 

So if you are a woman who wants to wear a Tankini with shorts I would encourage you to do so. There are many options out there. As I mentioned at the start of the article the Tankini and shorts option is my personal favourite when it comes to swimwear options.

Find beautiful modest Tankini

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God bless

Leah Levin-Martins

Founder CEO of Modesty Panels