Who Should Wear a Tankini?

If your currently reading the question who should wear a Tankini then perhaps the answer is, you. I just love Tankini’s and there are many reasons why you should own a couple. Whether you are going on holiday to a beautiful beach resort, outdoor lake swimming or just your local pool, Tankinis are the best.


Read on as I am going to tell you my top 3 reasons why you should wear a Tankini this Summer!!


Of course, every Summer many of us rush to the stores to find something to wear on the beach and to the pool parties. And naturally the infamous bikini pops up in every high street store, but there are alternative options. This is not to discredit the bikini, but although this may be a first choice for some there are a significant amount of us who would prefer something with a little more coverage. That my friend is where the wonderful Tankini comes in. 



The Tankini was designed by a lady called Anne Cole for those of us who felt the bikini was showing just a bit more than we wanted to. It quickly became a success and other designers began to make their own take on it and sell to their customers. Even though the Tankini found its place in the swimwear market in the 90’s it is still a firm contender today. If not stronger and more requested. I know this to be true as I am not only a designer of Tankini sets but I am also a fan of wearing them!


Top 3 reasons for wearing a Tankini


So let’s get into my top 3 reasons. Firstly and it may seem an obvious reason but the amount of coverage a Tankini gives provides for a more relaxing beach trip. The ability to simply bend over and sort out your sun lounger and bags without fear of any body parts popping out of either end is fantastic. To be able to go up to the bar and order snacks and drinks feeling pretty much covered, is liberating. As opposed to standing sheepishly knowing everyone at the bar can see your bum cheeks and wanting to rush back to the beach for context. For some of us its just not how we like to represent ourselves. To be able to run, swim and even cartwheel with knowledge that you are covered.


A Tankini set honestly looks so sophisticated and by default allows you to have a more practical time on the beach and in the sea. And besides I know a few waves that have had the power to pull my bikini bottoms down! But with Tankini shorts not so easy Mr wave! They are simply perfect for those of us who want a semi covered look and to maintain modesty at the beach.


My second favourite reason and I think its one many of us can relate to. A Tankini set with shorts means you don’t need to be ‘bikini ready’ waxed and trimmed to perfection. You can allow your body a break in-between waxing appointments. It also means that when your waiting for a waxing appointment you have something to wear and can still enjoy swimming and the beach. As opposed to staying locked away like the hairy loch ness monster. 


Final reason for Tankinis


Lastly but not least.  

My final reason for buying and wearing a Tankini set is it meets my level of modesty. I have a relatively modest attire day to day and have always struggled when it comes to the beach. I didn’t want to just throw away my modesty standards by wearing little knickers and crop tops or bikinis. And that is the very reason why I began designing Tankini sets. There are a lot of Tankinis on the market, however I found there are few that cover the cleavage.

Our brand focuses on this area specifically while maintaining beauty and modesty. We found that for a lot of our customers covering the cleavage area was a priority and many have struggled to find Tankinis that do that. Every where else of course can be left to catch a glorious tan. But here at Sweetpea & Marmalade, that is our USP. In fact all our clothing and swimwear promises to cover the cleavage area and not be too short.


Who should wear a Tankini?


So to answer your question who should wear a Tankini? After reading this article I’m sure if you are now more interested in Tankinis. If you have enjoyed the product images of our Tankini collection then possibly you know the answer to the question. Who should wear a Tankini? Well, you should. 


Come and visit our online store! See for yourself why our Tankinis cut from quality Italian fabric are your best Summer investment. Did I mention they are all designed with built in shelf bras for extra support. Our shorts are also lined for extra comfort! And the fabric has amazing muscle control “hold me in” type technology!



Leah Levin-Martins

Founder & CEO of Sweetpea & Marmalade